What our customers think:


Cruize: Went in today and asked for some sort of hybrid step/fade with a little bit off the top here but not a lot off the top there etc...got exactly that. No matter if there are queues the guys here always take their time and give you a great trim every single visit...even tidied up the beard for me today too. Fresh place n good music. Thanks again guys!


Will: Been in twice recently, both times I left very happy with the result. The guys both times listened to what I wanted and delivered it quickly and to an excellent standard.


Toby: Great barbers. Scott is friendly and professional and always does a great job.



Thank you for booking with KryptonBarbers  Salisbury 


Every cut done to exceptional standards.

7 days a week.

Stylus Barbers Salisbury, Salisbury

120 Fisherton Street

SP2 7QT Salisbury


08:00 - 14:00


08:00 - 17:00


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